Bikini Berlin unveil Christmas Installation by Stills & Strokes - Camron Global
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To celebrate the holiday season, retail concept space Bikini Berlin commissioned Berlin-based artists Stills & Strokes to create an interactive installation throughout the main atrium of the mall, showcasing three custom-designed wrapping papers. For the installation, which runs through Christmas Eve, Stills & Strokes wrapped the interior of the shopping mall with the custom paper creating a colourful juxtaposition against the stark, angular architecture of the interior. Colourful sections of the bright wrapping paper make up the paper installation, along with bold carpets, large screens, a communal table for gift wrapping. With this installation, Bikini Berlin provides an alternative to the typical holiday decorative style, using the paper to create a colourful, festive environment. Stills & Strokes has also designed several large-scale 3D objects, various decorative props and greeting cards inspired by the gift paper design – perfect for a joyful photo opportunity.

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