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The winners of the Swarovski Designers of the Future 2015 award were announced at a glamourous lunch event in Milan last week. At a restaurant overlooking the famous Duomo, organised by Design Miami/, a large crowd of excited design media, design experts and previous winners gathered to hear who had been chosen. Rodman Primack, Executive Director of Design Miami/ outlined the background to this prestigious prize and Suzanne Trocmé spoke for Nadja Swarovski and announced the winners: Studio Swine (Azusa Murakami and Alexander Groves), Tomás Alonso and Elaine Yan Ling Ng.

The winners were invited to visit Wattens, Swarovski’s headquarters in Austria, to be immersed in the history of crystal manufacture and explore the company’s cutting edge technology. The designers are currently working on projects which were inspired by the visit and the final pieces will be revealed at an exhibition within Design Miami/ Basel from June 16-21.

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