Sight Unseen OFFSITE 2017 - Camron Global
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May 2017One of the most important and oft-cited fairs for discovering new design talent, Sight Unseen OFFSITE returned to NYCxDesign for its fourth annual year.

The 2017 edition of Sight Unseen OFFISITE focused on individual presentations: With 25?participants, each had a larger exhibition space in which to show a collection of elevated and high-end work. Highlights included a VR experience presented by Twyla and digital artist Tom Hancocks, new work by 5 American and Norwegian design pairs, 22 presentations by independent studios, a Sight Unseen–curated exhibition of work by 12 talents to watch, and more. As well, Sight Unseen debuted Sight Unseen Presents, an event series meant to increase the visibility of New York Design Week by activating a dozen retail spaces and restaurants throughout the city with design installations, content and programming. Select locations included Coming Soon, Rachel Comey, Mission Chinese, Canal Street Market, and more.

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