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In one of London’s most exciting gallery shows this Autumn, Timothy Taylor presented a multimedia, solo exhibition of artist Shezad Dawood, including the artist’s first ever collectible work of art in Virtual Reality.

Atypical of a standard Mayfair gallery showing, the show was comprised of sculpture, neon, painting, VR and even fluorescent wallpaper in an interactive and conceptual exhibition revolving around the town of Kalimpong. The small West Bengali served as an excellent backdrop for Dawood’s exploration of time and place considering its fascinating, cross-cultural history.

The town was visited by explorers such as Alexandra David-Néel in the early 1920s, used as base for spies during the Cold War and was allegedly where the Yeti was found by Texan billionaire Tom Slick. Because of the town’s rich history and exciting advances in VR technology, the highlight of Dawood’s show was the VR experience, which took viewers through Kalimpong’s rich history and temporal geography through temples, caves and mountains.

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