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The Power of Design™ is Camron’s platform providing insights,
intelligence and inspiration from the leading global figures,
brands and gatherings shaping the future of design



Delve into the heart of design’s influence on culture, communications, and experience through our in-depth thought pieces. The Power of Design™ explores broader themes and subjects that are shaping the future, providing you with long-reads that provoke critical thinking and inspire action.


Immerse yourself in data-driven trends and expert insights, offering you a glimpse into the forefront of design innovation and sparking discussions that fuel curiosity and imagination. These bite-sized content pieces are designed to empower your understanding and ignite meaningful conversations about the future of design.


Engage in the world of design excellence with our visually-led pieces of inspiration. Witness the best, most thought-provoking examples of the ‘Power of Design’ in action, presented as captivating visual case studies, accompanied by insightful commentary that ignites your creative vision.

“Design must balance the cost of its creation with the ambition of making life better.”

Mary-Ann Dunkley, Design Director, LIBERTY

The Power of Design™ is Camron’s own platform that celebrates the forces, people and brands that create impact using design in innovative ways to shape life today and tomorrow.

Camron has a decades-long reputation for shaping stories at the intersection of design, culture and commerce. We harness insight-led strategy to help brands tell their narratives; from innovative public relations through to content creation, activations, social media and fully integrated campaigns.

Brand Strategy

Proposition Development

Visual Identity & Brand Design

Research, Data, & Insight

Messaging & Copy Creation

Communications Strategy

Global Media Relations

Executive Profile Building

Reputation Management

Thought Leadership

Cultural Advisory

Activation Development & Delivery

Creative Direction

Digital Experiences

VIP Events

Partnerships & programming

Social Media Strategy

Influencer Engagement

Channel Planning & Management

Content Creation & Toolkits

Website & Digital Builds

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