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Art Collecter, socialite and sponsor of the Russian Pavillion In biennale
Moscow’s elite tastemakers were treated to an experience unheard of in this
fascinating capital city, with the latest Wallpaper* and Æsir Copenhagen Salon
Dinner. The team of magic makers inhabited the fantastical Yusopov Palace, an
unknown location to guests, to create an experiential dinner that celebrated the
launch of the Æ+Y phone. Gallerists, architects, entrepreneurs, movers and
shakers were greeted with champagne and a fine string quartet, before being led
into the central dining area, with golden doors. One of the culinary world’s most
exciting chefs, Bo Lindegaard and Lasse Askov (of I’m a Kombo,) created a
delicious feast for guests that successfully pushed boundaries. The menu,
lighting and music were all in tune with themes explored in Æsir’s design
manifesto, Tænker 001. This was the second in a series of global Salon Dinners.
The first was in London, with New York and Hong Kong to follow. Guests were
delighted by the newness of each part of the experience from the avant garde
food to the old style location; truly a first for Moscow.

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