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Camron asked Orlandi to reflect on design’s power to be a catalyst for change

Since its opening in 2002, Number 14 via Matteo Bandello has maintained a singular and distinctive perspective on Milan design. Founded by tastemaker and curator Rossana Orlandi, the gallery is an ever-evolving manifestation of Orlandi’s own innate curiosity. In 2018, Orlandi channelled her curiosity to a passion project closely tied to the production of design, challenging the industry to commit to responsible plastic use. This year, Rossana is curating an exhibition at Triennale, Design Walk In Budapest, in collaboration with the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency: a low-waste installation highlighting the young designers of Hungary. We asked Orlandi to reflect on design’s power to be a catalyst for change and how this momentum appears in her curation for the Triennale.

Milan Design Week is rightfully considered the most important fair in the world, attracting participants from all over the world. Not only because the public is interested in the presentation of new products, but also because new discussions and trends emerge every year. Although I prefer not to necessarily speak about “trends”, but rather new concepts.


I often reflect on this concept of “The Power of Design”. Design is everything and is present in everything that surrounds us, affecting our lives and our well-being. Everything originates from design, and the world of design is beautiful. I am extremely fascinated by the design world and deeply in love with it. Design is a soul, it is where we live. And living is a big word. Looking at design with this spirit, for me, is the power of design. The project I curated with my daughter Nicoletta for this year’s design weekis titled Design Walk in Budapest and is realised in collaboration with the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency. It is an exhibition aimed at highlighting Hungary’s thriving creative community through a series of pieces created by young designers and is on show at Triennale Milano. Here, we did not necessarily harness the power of design but rather sought to enhance it.

“Our goal is to truly demonstrate that cross-pollination between international countries is real. To inspire more confidence, more enthusiasm, more eagerness to act.”

We have been fascinated by the beauty of the city of Budapest, which is powerful and incredible. I had the opportunity to get to know Hungary, a tough country, but of incredible beauty where young designers are extremely enthusiastic individuals, eager to make their mark in the world.


For Design Walk in Budapest, we conceived a very simple and sustainable setup, made with fabric panels that can be easily reused on other occasions. It is a ‘zero waste’ exhibition with very low environmental impact. The design walk unfolds passing through the guiding panels, recreating the beauty of Budapest and seeking a dialogue between creativity and innovation.


From a cultural perspective, this exhibition gives a lot of confidence to young people. It is the first time that these young creatives have managed to step out of their comfort zone in such an important way and with an exhibition in one of the most important design and culture Museums of Milan, the Triennale. We are proud to have been a true mentor for them on this occasion.


Our goal is to truly demonstrate that cross- pollination between international countries is real. To inspire more confidence, more enthusiasm, more eagerness to act.

The Power of Design™ is Camron’s own platform that celebrates the forces, people and brands that create impact using design in innovative ways to shape life today and tomorrow.

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