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Capsule founder Alessio Ascari considers past design movements in contemporary contexts as seen at Milan Design Week

Multi-hyphenate creative Alessio Ascari — founder of Capsule, a curatorial platform and studio, and editor of Kaleidoscope — is the creative pulse of Milan design. Capsule Plaza returns to Milan this year for its second edition, a fair that is its own exhibition.

Bringing together a varied list of collaborators, Ascari, along with co-curator and architect Paul Cournet, Capsule Plaza rejects categorization. Leaning into the radical utopian ideals of modern Italian design, Ascari considers where Milan Design Week has been and where he would like to bring it. The presence of Capsule Plaza in Milan aims to create a multifaceted impact across cultural, environmental, social, and technological spheres.

The presence of Capsule Plaza in Milan aims to create a multifaceted impact across cultural, environmental, social, and technological spheres. Our events, curated around the release of the magazine, stand out in the Milanese landscape due to their diversity and inclusivity. We bring together exhibitors from vastly different worlds and industries, ranging from fashion to technology, traditional furniture to food. This diverse array of participants fosters connections and dialogue across disciplines, breaking down silos and encouraging collaboration.

Central to our mission is the idea of building community through the curated experience. We don’t simply showcase products; rather, we craft immersive exhibitions where every detail is meticulously considered. While there is a commercial aspect, we strive to create an atmosphere akin to a museum, where visitors can engage deeply with each project, object, and idea presented. It’s about more than just transactions; it’s about creating meaningful experiences that leave a lasting impact.

“The Power of Design” to Capsule Plaza embodies the essence of reimagining radical design for contemporary times. Inspired by the golden age of Italian design, particularly the 60s, 70s and 80s, we see design not merely as aesthetic innovation but as a potent force capable of reshaping society for the better. In those decades, design and architecture were viewed as tools for societal transformation, almost as if crafting a human utopia. This ethos deeply influences our approach at Capsule Plaza. For us, the power of design lies in its tangible impact on reality. It’s about using design as a vehicle to address societal challenges and foster positive change. Whether it’s through innovative urban planning, sustainable architecture, or inclusive design solutions, we believe in harnessing design’s potential to create more equitable, sustainable and enriching environments for all.

“Our goal is to truly demonstrate that cross-pollination between international countries is real. To inspire more confidence, more enthusiasm, more eagerness to act.”

Alessio Ascari, Founder of Capsule

With Capsule Plaza we strive to channel the spirit of past design movements into contemporary contexts, pushing boundaries, challenging norms and advocating for a more human-centered and future- forward approach to design. In doing so, we hope to contribute to the ongoing evolution of society, using design as a catalyst for progress and transformation.

Overall, Capsule Plaza’s presence in Milan is about more than just hosting events; it’s about shaping the cultural landscape, fostering community and driving positive change across multiple dimensions.

Milan Design Week is unparalleled in its richness of content and level of competition. It’s a bustling hub of creativity and innovation, making it the perfect environment to test our mettle and refine our approach. As the saying goes, “If you can make it in Milan, you can make it anywhere.” Therefore, attending Milan Design Week is not just about showcasing our work; it’s about learning from the best, understanding current trends and honing our craft.

Our participation in Milan Design Week serves as a springboard for future endeavours. With the success of our previous editions, including the upcoming one, we are poised to expand our reach beyond Milan. We aim to export our formats to other cities and countries, carrying with us the knowledge and experience gained from our Milanese ventures.

The Power of Design™ is Camron’s own platform that celebrates the forces, people and brands that create impact using design in innovative ways to shape life today and tomorrow.

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