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On September 20, guests gathered at Philadelphia’s Moderne Gallery to celebrate the latest studio craft furniture emerging from a new generation of woodworkers coming out of the famed Nakashima Woodworkers studio. Continuing the gallery’s long history of presenting the iconic works of the legendary George Nakashima and the Keisho line of his daughter Mira Nakashima, Nakashima Woodworkers: An Evolving Legacy successfully builds upon the traditional Nakashima approach of meticulous, distinctive design. Guests mingled and admired the nearly 25 pieces, including a “Sunsent Dining Table,” a “Carpenter Coffee Table”and the “Cantilevered Nightstands,” while Mira graciously demonstrated each piece to any inquiring patron. Finding inspiration in the subtle harmonies of both nature and music – and continuing the evolution of fresh design solutions—the team has transformed a selection of custom-milled, carefully harvested hardwood into timeless, yet functional works of studio craft furniture. The show will run until November 2, 2013.

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