Prima by Zaha Hadid for Swarovski - Camron Global
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Continuing its work with the luxury brand Swarovski, Camron has just completed work on a major project with Zaha Hadid Architects. As part of Swarovski’s Cultural Initiatives programme, a monumental installation entitled Prima, has been installed at the Vitra Campus, Weil am Rhein, Germany to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Fire Station, Zaha Hadid’s first building. Prima, is an angular piece made from five highly polished components that can be moved into different configurations. It has been placed in front of the Fire Station, reflecting and honouring the design process of the building. The project recalls the dynamism of Hadid’s original drawings for the Vitra Fire Station, exploding in three dimensions from the lines and planes of the paintings and sketches. Prima’s reflective surfaces contain seating for visitors and are illuminated with LED technology. Camron commissioned the photographer Hélène Binet who first shot the building in 1993 to return and shoot the Fire Station and its relationship with the Prima installation and orchestrated an international press campaign. Camron also worked with Swarovski on an intimate dinner for 100 VIP Guests in the Fire Station during Art Basel. Prima is at the Vitra Campus until 11 August.

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