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In conjunction with NYCxDESIGN, The Future Perfect presented Constructs & Glitches, a collection of new work by contemporary designer Christopher Stuart. Held alongside is the launch of Equalizer, a new lighting concept by Dylan Davis and Jean Lee of Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, created in collaboration with glass artist John Hogan. Both collections were created exclusively for The Future Perfect.

Constructs & Glitches showcases the intentional and unintentional distortion of furniture forms. As Stuart was experimenting with the “constructs” of his new collection, he repeatedly encountered “glitches” with the CAD software. Rather than work around these errors, he instead embraced and exploited them, incorporating the “glitches” into his collection. In celebrating these unusual forms, Stuart brings together the functional and non-functional to create works that challenge our traditional notions of what furniture should be.

The new Equalizer series from Ladies and Gentlemen Studio is a customizable system of metal framework with illuminated glass that elevates lighting to illuminated sculpture. Designed to be scaled and composed according to different spatial conditions, the system also acts as a divider in open floor plans to define space through light. The collaboration activates Hogan’s in-depth exploration of the glass medium and how it relates to Ladies & Gentlemen Studio’s experiments in lighting, form, and spatial experience.

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